Key Takeaways

  • Build a Short List

    Discover best practices to analyze your organization's marketing goals and ideal customers in order to generate a short list of potential Pillar Topics.

  • Compare Pillar Topics

    Learn to use the DemandJump platform to explore the competitive landscape surrounding potential Pillar Topics, including current rankings for you and your competitors.

  • Plant Your Flag

    Narrow in on the Pillar Topic that has the best potential for taking away rankings from the competition and increasing organic traffic as you claim your spot on Page One.

Course Curriculum

    1. What is a Pillar Topic?

    2. Key Course Takeaways

    3. Generating a List of Potential Pillar Topics

    4. Pillar Topic Discovery Best Practices

    5. Why is it Important to Choose One Pillar Topic?

    1. Generating Insight Reports for Potential Pillar Topics

    2. Selecting Your First Pillar Topic

    3. Resource Download: Pillar Topic Selection Checklist

    1. Let's Review

    2. Let Us Know

About this course

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Chief Solution Officer Ryan Brock

With over a decade of experience as the founder and CEO of successful content marketing agency Metonymy Media, Ryan Brock joined the DemandJump team as Chief Content Officer as part of an acquisition in 2021. Now, he's taking the success he found utilizing the DemandJump platform and empowering marketers and agencies to embrace the same data-driven approach to content, which is now known as Pillar-Based Marketing. Ryan lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, son, and shaggy dog, and he does not like the taste of black licorice one bit.