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Key Takeaways

  • Publish for Maximum impact

    PBM drives faster Page One rankings than ever before. Learn the right publishing order and timing to climb the rankings like a rocket.

  • Build a Network of Content

    Learn to exponentially increase the value of each piece of Pillar Content by interlinking them according to PBM best practices.

  • Fast-track Ranking with Paid Strategies

    Align your paid social and search tactics to Pillar Content publication to kickstart traffic—and make the search engines take notice.


Chief Solution Officer Ryan Brock

With over a decade of experience as the founder and CEO of successful content marketing agency Metonymy Media, Ryan Brock joined the DemandJump team as Chief Content Officer as part of an acquisition in 2021. Now, he's taking the success he found utilizing the DemandJump platform and empowering marketers and agencies to embrace the same data-driven approach to content, which is now known as Pillar-Based Marketing. Ryan lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, son, and shaggy dog, and he does not like the taste of black licorice one bit.